Why can’t I leave Facebook alone?

Facebook annoys me, it should be renamed i’lltellyoueverythingidobook or lookwhatmykidsdonebook or i’mhavingababybook. Yet I still use it regularly….why do I do this?

Someone will constantly post statuses about the weather which I really appreciate because obviously I live in a box with no windows. Or someone will just constantly post statuses about making toast, or walking the dog or the usual  “:(” “what’s up babe” “oh nothing, I’ll inbox you” conversation. No, I want to know what’s wrong with you or otherwise don’t moan.

“Happy Birthday!” I so knew it was your birthday, Facebook didn’t tell me at all. Now I won’t talk to you again until it’s your birthday next year.

Photo from wired.co.uk

Photo from wired.co.uk

People will post pictures of how awesome their life is, what a great time they are having, look at these people I’m with. Well thank you very much I feel like a right loser now while I’m sat at home stalking your photo’s.

Babies! Babies! Babies! Look at my scan photo, I’m so sick, I wish I could drink, I’m now 28 weeks pregnant look at my belly. If someone did this to you in the street you’d run away. Yes, I’m happy for you. But please don’t go on about it.

Also look what, my kid has woken up I must post 30 statuses and a photo of this.

After all this I still use it.  I’ve tried to wean myself off it but find myself bored and annoyed but back on it. It’s addictive, we’re all deep down interested in what other people’s lives are like. And we all want to portray ourselves online in the best way possible.

There are good sides to it, the ability to keep in contact with people who you might have otherwise never spoken to again. An easy and free way to send a quick message to someone and an easy way to show and send photo’s to friends without having to send mass emails.

I don’t think it adds anything to my life and I wish I could leave the site alone, however I really struggle. I’m also  probably guilty of some of the things above. So, I’m not quite yet ready to say bye bye Facebook, to be honest I’m far too nosey for that!