I’m a sucker for cosmetics

I am one of those people who is a sucker for buying any makeup/hair products that say that they do something new. Any new shampoo that comes out claiming to make your hair straight, frizz free, shiny or whatever, I’m down there paying the usual stupid price for it. I’ve lost count of the amount of 3/4 full bottles I have with stuff that I was expecting miracles from and I’ve been left dissappointed.

The contents of one of my make-up bags

The contents of one of my make-up bags

I’m the same with makeup. Mascara that claims to make your eyelashes look like your wearing 30 pairs of false eyelashes, I’ll  buy it or foundation that magically matches to the colour of your skin, except when you use it you look like you’ve just rubbed a wotsit in lines down your face. I’ll buy it.

When I first heard about BB cream, (Blemish Barm) a cream that is a moisturiser, concealer, sun protection, foundation and whatever else in one I thought yes I’ll try that. However I refused to pay the £30 that some where selling for and opted for a cheaper brand.

I opted for Boots’ Number 17 BB Blemish Barm in Light for £6.99. Compared to foundations that I use this about in the middle price range. The Barm comes out like a foundation but feels like a moisturiser on. It doesn’t last as long as foundation but does wonderful things to my skin, doesn’t dry it out or cause spots.

I’m a BB cream converter, it actually works.

However, nearly every other product I’ve bought isn’t as good as it says. Mascara never looks like it does on models, i look like I stuck a spider to my eyes in most cases. No hair product has made my hair miraculously straight without the use of straighteners later and no tanning product has ever gone properly right with me, I usually look like I haven’t washed for about a month.

I’ll still buy it though.