Review: Salon Confidential Clip-in Hair Extensions

For many years now I have dreamt of having long, blonde, Rapunzel-esqe hair, unfortunately I have never quite reached this dream. It has taken three years to grow my hair from a short bob into its current style which is just past my shoulders and is showing no signs of getting any longer.

The problem is my hair has never been fast to grow. I never really had hair until I was three years old and then it never reached a long length until I was about 8 years old. I have my hair regularly cut and I try to look after it, but it never seems to want to grow.

Jessica Wright's hair after using hair extensions. Picture from

Jessica Wright’s hair after using hair extensions. Picture from

As my 21st birthday approached I decided that I was going to have my dream of long hair and so started researching into hair extensions. I cannot afford real ones and have seen celebrities such as The Only Way Is Essex’s Jessica Wright suffering with bald patches due to her hair extensions.

I decided on clip-in extensions, I knew I’d probably get bored of it and want short hair again and these seemed the most appropriate. I did not want real human hair clip-in extensions either, I do not like the idea of having someone else’s hair attached to my own having no idea where it came from.

Through reading reviews, I decided on Salon Confidential’s ‘volume wave’ clip-in extensions in Lightest Blonde. At £45 they are on the expensive side for synthetic extensions, but due to the reviews I decided that they were worth the risk.

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The website states that they “are made from state of the art modifibre material. They look, move and feel just like real hair, but the bonus is you don’t have to do anything with them because they’re pre-styled for you” which seems like a bonus for me.

In the box you get 12 rows of extensions, which turned out to be far too much to fit in, but I’d much rather have too many than not enough.

Out of the box they seemed a bit too shiny, but after various amount of sprays and dry shampoo’s this shine seemed to have gone; although I don’t know what all this product is going to do to the continuing condition of the hair.

Before applying with dry shampoo and spraysAfter applying with sprays
(Before and after applying dry shampoo and sprays)

I struggled to put them in myself, but after some help I had them all clipped in and I was rather impressed, the colour was a very good match to my own hair and I now had the long blonde Rapunzel hair that I’d been dreaming off; even if I did feel it looked a bit like Barbie’s.

I showed it off to my friends who said “I know it’s not real because last time I saw you your hair was short. If I didn’t know you though, I wouldn’t realise its fake.”

My natural hair length

My natural hair length

With Salon Confidential Extensions (apologies for the nearly make-up free face)

With Salon Confidential Extensions

The back with Salon Confidential extensions

The back with Salon Confidential extensions

However, due to the fact that it is light blonde and synthetic, under the flash of a camera you can tell that it’s fake as it still shines a lot more than my natural hair, which lets it down.

I will only be wearing it on nights out and as long as no photos are taken it’s perfect. It doesn’t weigh down my head and looks almost as if it was my own hair. For the amount of hair you get it’s definitely good value for money, I just wish they could invent something that  always looked natural without having to use human hair.

Rating: 4/5

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