Perfect doesn’t exist

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I know this issue has been constantly debated, but I feel the need to comment. We are surrounded by images of “perfect” bodies and are taught that this is the norm in society. If you don’t look like that then there is something wrong with you and you must try to achieve this perfect body image.

We now live in the knowledge that most of the images we see are photoshopped, yet we still feel a compelling need to look like that.

I have looked at images of celebrities and thought why don’t i look like that; maybe because I don’t have a personal trainer, a personal hairdresser, a personal chef and a personal make up artist, however I still feel that I should look something like them.

I see pictures of celebrities in magazines apparently looking “fat” and see such comments as “what a whale” this is usually of celebrities of a normal, healthy weight. Which is rather saddening.

Perfect doesn’t exist! 90% of women have stretch marks, yet we are taught that it is “ugly.” Most women have cellulite, yet we are told this is wrong too.

It isn’t wrong at all. And yet there is a feeling in society that you must look a certain way. Why must you cover up something that is natural? Everyone is different and every body is different, embrace it!