It’s that time of year again were thousands of teenagers are biting their nails in anticipation for their A-Level results. Therefore I thought I’d post something slightly different; my A-Level results day horror. Not to scare you, but to hopefully show you that if it doesn’t seem to go to plan, it’ll all be ok in the end.

Three years ago today I collected my A level results already knowing that my frantic searching and refreshing of the UCAS website had shown me that I hadn’t got into my first choice University, but I had a place in a University I did not want to go to. Yes silly me putting my second choice University as somewhere I didn’t want to go but I had my heart set on Sheffield so I thought that the rest didn’t matter.

I had already shouted, sobbed and screamed so when I picked up that envelope and found out that I had failed my English Literature exam, the only emotion I had left in me was despair. How had this happened? I argued with everyone and said bluntly that if I wasn’t going to Sheffield I wasn’t going to University. I was a nightmare to live with at the time.

I however asked to get my paper re-marked as I seemed to grasp onto my hope of going to Uni where I wanted.

Weeks later as freshers week was getting ever closer I still had no idea what I was going to do. Then 10 days before the start of term I got the news I had been hoping for; my English paper had been re-marked and I had got the grade needed for Sheffield. I couldn’t believe it, I however hadn’t bought anything to go to Uni with, didn’t have a confirmed place or anywhere to live. This brings me onto clearing.

Even though I had the grades I still ended up having to go through clearing and I got a place at Sheffield Hallam University and with days to go found accommodation in halls of residence. With a mad dash to the shops I was set and off I went.

I spent the next three years of my life having the most amazing time. I met some great people and loved my course. Not giving up on my dream of University was the best decision of my life and here I am now feeling sad that I am no longer a student.

Basically what I want to say is not to give up, I really believe things happen for a reason.

Good Luck to all collecting their results today and I promise I will be back to my usual posts next week.




One thought on “A-Levels.

  1. i am going to have my public exams and preparing for university in soon future. Thanks for the advice 😀

    Please check out my blog!

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