What’s in my handbag tag.

I’ve wanted to do the ‘what’s in my bag tag’ for a while now and I’ve finally got round to it.

Firstly two confessions:

  1. I swap and change my handbags around so much, so this time next week I will probably be using another one.
  2. I carry so much useless junk around with me.

We are finally having some nice weather in the UK and so I have just swapped to what I like to call my ‘Summer Bag.’ I think it’s just the colour that makes me think this, but either way I will always bring this bag out when the weather’s nice.


This bag was from River Island a while a go and is a good size for all the essentials!


From left to Right:

Umbrella – You can never ever predict British weather and so this goes everywhere with me

Notebook– I like the comic book print on this and you never know when you need to jot something down.

Mini Perfume – From Avon. I seem to keep a lot of  things in miniature size in my bag.

Blonde Bobby Pins – That end up EVERYWHERE.

Ipod – Goes everywhere with me, even just to play Sudoku on it (I’m a little bit addicted.)

Radley Purse – Always full of receipts and never money.

MUA Foundation – The MUA range from Superdrug is affordable and of decent quality and so I always keep a spare in my bag.

Compact Mirror.

Vaseline in Rose Tint – My essential beauty item.

Chewing Gum and pens

Flip video camera – I have a fear that I’ll need to video something desperately and hate the video quality on my phone. I hardly use this camera, but I still insist bringing it everywhere. Why!?

Balance Me Lipgloss – A free gift, but it is a wonderful lipgloss.



Contact Lenses case

MUA Concealer stick

Barry M Nail Varnish- No idea why this is in my bag.

Miniature Eyeliner pencil- Yet another miniature!

Jergens Moisturiser – Another free gift, but it goes everywhere with me. It smells lovely.

Surprisingly after carrying around this lot everyday I don’t have an abnormally muscular arm! What do you keep in your bag?


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